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Your communications system is much more than a telephone network. It’s the lifeblood of your company. It’s your vital telecommunications connection to current customers and new business. It’s your key to higher productivity, greater profitability, and enhanced efficiency. It’s an invaluable tool that is central to your operations from the second you open your doors to the moment you close — and beyond.

A telecommunications system is fundamental to your business and deserves the innovation, versatility, and investment protection Toshiba telecommunications systems delivers. Our full line of reliable, feature-rich business telephones gives you the choices you need, both now and as your business grows. And every Toshiba office telephone delivers exceptional compatibility with all Toshiba business telephone systems, even if you upgrade to a larger office telephone system. So your investment is always secure.

Our products are focused on VoIP business communication solutions, including award winning Toshiba CIX Systems and other Enterprise IP telephone systems like Toshiba's CIX1200, video collaboration tools, Toshiba call center applications, and custom IVR productivity applications. Toshiba telephony solutions enable your employees — wherever they are — to work as a single, unified company on the same enterprise-wide telephone system. Be sure to check-out the exciting new Toshiba 5000 Series Telephones, arguably the most attractive business telephone ever made.

Toshiba’s IP business phone systems provide sophisticated communication features for businesses of all sizes. Strata CIX gives you a choice of mixing and matching technologies, creating a pure IP system or a converged solution, and changing based on the needs of your company. It's time to break down the barriers to greater productivity, take a giant leap toward improved communications, and embrace one of today's most intelligent, versatile, and cost-effective telecommunications solutions.

It’s time to take enterprise-wide communication to a whole new level with the Strata CIX200 — a purebred IP telephone system that integrates voice, data networking, and applications solutions.

The Strata CIX670 unifies, coordinates, and streamlines all your communications with stunning agility and proficiency.

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